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She Couldn’t Have Sex For 6 Years After Her Wedding

This couple from Texas has had a tough experience in their sex life as they were not able to have sex for 6 long years after they were married.

The woman named Emily had a medical condition in which they realised that having sex was not as they expected it to be.

Check out the details about the vaginismus condition that the woman suffered from and how they managed to cope up with it.


The Couple Decided To Make Love On Their Wedding Night

Ben Coussens, 31, and Emily, 28, were in a relationship for over two years before they decided to get married. The couple was excited to make love on their wedding night when they realised that things were not easy.

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She Felt Like A Knife Being 'shoved Inside' Her!

When the couple tried making love, they realised it was painful as Emily felt like a knife being 'shoved inside' her and it hit a brick wall. They decided to try it again during their honeymoon, and they realised that the pain was just the same and hence consulted the doctor.


The Doctors Gave Her Silicons And Dilators

When doctors examined her, they could not even proceed with an internal examination, since her vagina just clenched. Hence the doctor thought it was a size issue, and gave me some dilators to make her vagina wider. They even gave her few narrow silicone tubes that looked like tampons - to widen the vaginal opening but seemed like nothing could get inside her.


She Was Diagnosed With Vaginismus

On examination, doctors diagnosed her with vaginismus condition where the vaginal muscles involuntarily tighten when penetrated.

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They Tried Every Possible Way To Have Sex

The couple revealed that they tried everything from a vibrator to stretching exercises. But unfortunately, nothing seemed to work. Emily felt ashamed about her condition.


They Even Faked Their Sex Life

While friends asked a couple of their sex life, they faked and changed the topic. This went on unless Emily realised that there are women who do suffer from the same condition as well.

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She Even Had A Hymenectomy

Emily even had a hymenectomy, to remove her hymen in a bid to reduce the discomfort, but it was a failed attempt to make love as her condition remained the same.


They Contacted Women's Therapy Center in Plainview, New York

When the couple saw the interview of women who suffered from the same condition just like Emily, they knew that they had found the answer to her situation and they contacted the centre straight away. They ran two-week treatment courses, that cost them £8,300 ($11,000).


She Flew 1,500 Miles For Her Treatment

Emily flew 1,500 miles for her treatment where she underwent twice-daily sessions in her first week. She was later taught about the method of combination of 'hands on' guided penetration training. This was a process where she inserted the dilators repeatedly as well as touching herself. This helped her to get used to the feeling of being touched on the pelvic area.

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Now The Couple Are Blessed With A Baby

After 6 long years of having a sexless life, the couple were finally able to have sex for the first time after their 2 weeks of intense therapy. Within 5 months of them consummating their sex life, Emily became pregnant, and now the couple is blessed with a baby boy.

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Story first published: Saturday, October 13, 2018, 14:55 [IST]
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