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The Way You Hold Your Pen Reveals A Lot About Your Personality

There are so many tests that reveal the personality of an individual. By just looking at the way a person walks or by even looking at their physical features, one can judge a person's personality by just observing these factors.

The way a person holds their pen can reveal the type of personality they have. Psychologists reveal that the way in which you hold your pen can reveal a lot about your personality.

Check out as we reveal how the different styles of holding a pen reveal your personality.


When The Thumb Is Wrapped Over Index Finger

If you hold your pen in a way where your thumb is wrapped over the index finger, then you are a dreamy person. You seem to have great expectations in life. People around you love you for the person that you are.

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When You Hold The Pen Between The Index Finger And Middle Finger

If you are a person who holds a pen between the index finger and the middle finger, then you are a person who is very social. You seem to hate drama and unwanted trouble. In short, you are a sorted individual.


When Your Pen Is Between The Thumb And Index Finger

Honesty is something that defines your personality, if you hold your pen this way. You are an individual who seems to be straightforward.


When Your Fingers Cover The Thumb

You are a person who is an extrovert. You seem to be witty, agile and bold. You seem to hate people who shy away from expressing their emotions.

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When Your Thumb Is Over Three Fingers

If you hold your pen this way, then you are full of talent and also have a special charm. But as an individual, you seem to have a fragile heart.

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