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List Of Bizarre Things That People Have Stolen

We often relate robbery to some important, valuable thing being stolen. But do you know that there are people who have stolen some of the most unexpected things in this world?

Here, in this article, we are revealing to you some of the most bizarre things that people have stolen in this world.

Check out the list of the most unexpected stuff people have stolen. Some of the things on the list can make you say WTF.

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So go ahead and find out about these things...


Einstein’s Brain!

Dr Thomas Stolz Harvey who had conducted an autopsy of Einstein's body had apparently stolen his brain. Apparently, he had no legal right to perform this act of removing his brain as it was explicitly against Einstein's wishes. Einstein had explicitly stated that he wanted to be cremated with his brain still intact in his skull, and he also wanted his ashes to be spread across in an unknown location as he wanted to avoid fanfare. Thomas had kept his brain and conducted many researchers and released reports about the details of his brain and eventually, he was caught and fired from his job, and his wife also left him.

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Who would even think of stealing pigs! Well, this case will confuse you on how you need to react as a farmer woke up on a beautiful morning only to find out that all his 594 pigs were stolen from his family farm. Apparently, the pigs were stolen to make quick bucks, and it was easy not to find out when the pigs were mixed with other troops as they looked similar.


An Entire Bridge!

Imagine on a beautiful morning routine of your travel that you find a bridge to be missing! Sounds strange, right? But this is a real case where residents got a shock of their lives when they saw a bridge missing. Apparently, a set of robbers had dismantled an entire 200-tonne bridge in rural Khabarovsk in eastern Russia. They had done it to sell the scrap metal.

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200 Pumpkins!

According to a crime report of 2016, it was reported that four thieves had stolen around 200 pumpkins from a roadside stand in New Jersey. Apparently, the entire act of stealing was caught on camera, and this was done during the time of Halloween. Though the whole act of transporting over 200 pumpkins was caught on CCTV, there are hardly any updates on the criminals being caught!

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