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List Of Handsome Men Who Were Actually Females

There are so many examples of beautiful transitions that humans have undergone while they had a sex change treatment.

These changes are so unique and perfect that it gets hard to judge the people by their birth gender.

The transformations of some women who turned into men are really stunning.

Check out the list of the handsome men who were born as women during their birth.


Balian Buschbaum

Balian Buschbaum was formerly known as Yvonne Buschbaum, a former German pole vaulter. In the year 2007, she announced her retirement from her career in sports as she desired to undergo gender reassignment surgery. The surgery was a success, and he admitted that since childhood he had felt that he was trapped in the wrong body, and this was something that he always wanted to change.

Currently, he works as a life coach and also models for fashion magazines.

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Aydian Dowling

Aydian apparently founded a YouTube channel where he dedicated his transition and shared videos of himself working out and doing activities like bodybuilding and more. Aydian had also won worldwide recognition in the year 2015. Apparently, it was revealed that he had undergone a double mastectomy. He even became the cover star of a men's fitness magazine.

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Lucas Silveira

He is a Canadian rock musician and composer who was also born a girl. His former name was Lilia Silveira. In the year 2004, she decided to transform herself. In the year 2010, he became the first transgender man to win the prize for the sexiest man in Canada.

Currently, he is known as the leader of the rock band Cliks, and also as an activist of the LGBT community.

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Chaz Bono

He is the only son of the famous pop artists, Sonny Bono and Cher. She worked in comedy programs when she was a child. Chaz was named as Chastity Sun Bono after the film ‘Chastity'. She revealed that she was gay in an interview and a year later underwent a transition to become a handsome man. She then shared her experience of her transformation in the movie called Becoming Chaz.

Currently, he is an American advocate, writer, musician and also an actor.


Buck Angel

Buck Angel is an icon in the LGBT community! Apparently, she was born as Susan and spent her younger days working as a professional model. The pressure of gender confusion seemed to have had a significant impact on her personality, and as a result, she became addicted to toxic substances. She found peace when she took the decision to undergo sex reassignment surgery. This helped her start a new chapter in her life.

Currently, he has his own adult film production company. He also works as a model, advocate, lecturer and writer too!

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