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Her Condition Is So Rare That It Doesn't Have A Name Yet

There are several unusual conditions that people suffer from and understanding these conditions can be quite a task for the common man.

According to medics, a girl in Florida suffers from a rare condition where the doctors are not able to diagnose her disease.

The girl has an abnormally large brain and head, and the medics are not able to diagnose her condition.

Her Disorder Did Not Stop Her From Becoming Famous!

Here are the details of the girl, Katie Renfroe and her rare condition that is still nameless...


Katie Had Seizures At A Young Age

When Katie Renfroe was just nine months old, she could not walk or talk. She even suffered from seizures and needed brain surgery. She had an abnormally large brain and head.


Her Mother Knew That The Baby Would Suffer From...

While Katie's mum was still pregnant with her, doctors revealed to her that the baby would suffer from megalencephaly.

Her Bones Were Broken Even Before She Was Born!


She Was Initially Diagnosed With Megalencephaly

Katie Renfroe was initially diagnosed with a growth development disorder named ‘megalencephaly.' This is a condition that causes overgrowth of the brain, but the doctors had to change their minds later.


Her Surgeries Include

Since the time Katie was born, she has had brain surgery, and her tonsils and feeding tube were removed. They downsized her ear, tongue and smooth cheeks several times and she also had two cysts removed from her head.


She Needs To Be Fed Through A Pipe

The main side effects of Katie's condition include seizures. She can't talk or walk, and everything she eats has to be pureed. She has to be fed through a feeding tube.


Despite Her Condition, She Still Loves Her Life

Despite her condition, Katie has been able to work on computers, and she also attends a school for children with disabilities. However, unfortunately, the doctors are still not able to diagnose her condition.


Her Condition Remains Undiagnosed

Her condition remains undiagnosed, and her future prognosis is still unknown. We hope the medics come up with a miracle solution and help her lead a regular healthy life.

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