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Ever Wondered Why Public Toilets Are Not Completely Closed?

Have you ever wondered why public toilets are not completely closed like regular toilets? These toilets are generally open from the bottom, the top, and the sides.

There are many logical reasons as to why these toilets have shorter doors. One of the main reasons is to make sure that an individual does not get very comfortable inside as it is after all a public toilet!

Check out the actual reasons as to why public toilets are not entirely closed.


It Is Easier To Clean

When the doors are shorter, it helps to clean the toilets more easily. Be it mopping the floors, power washing or even hosing the bathroom down becomes easy, especially when the lower part of the bathroom is open. The water flow gets better, and this makes cleaning more efficient and timesaving.

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In Case Of Emergency

If there is any kind of emergency, one can crawl from beneath the jammed door and walk out instead of being trapped and waiting for a person to open the door.

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For No Sexual Activity

One of the most common places that couples tend to find is at these places, and with shorter doors, it stops them from putting a show to the rest of the world with their act. Instead, getting a room is much easier.


It's Inexpensive!

With shorter doors in these toilets, one can realise that there would be a lot of wooden material that would be saved. Apart from this, public toilets are relatively inexpensive when compared to real bathrooms which are built using bricks.

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What do you think of these reasons? Let us know if you think there is any other reason as to why public toilets are not entirely closed.

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Story first published: Thursday, November 8, 2018, 12:14 [IST]
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