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Story Of A Boy Who Turned Into A Demon And Asked His Parents To Kill Him

Imagine your entire life getting spoilt by just a little fever? What if you realise that everything in your life has changed after you got a fever due to an unexpected reason like an allergy due to the mould in your house?

Sounds crazy, right? But this is what happened in this case where a young boy's entire life has changed after he contracted a fever due to the mould in his house.

Check out the details of young William who started behaving in a strange manner, and he apparently begged his parents to kill him.

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Learn more about this bizarre condition that the boy suffered from.


William Became Ill

When William was down with fever, he became violent and started hallucinating. It was so severe that he even started begging his parents to kill him.


The Parents Believe

The parents believe that the condition lay dormant before the fever that William suffered from and it was apparently triggered by the mould on the walls of the house that the family used to live in.


He Changed Overnight

After a week of being unwell, William started becoming really aggressive and violent. He seemed to look different, he even looked pale, and his eyes were sunken.


He Could Not Recognise His Own Family

William started hallucinating. He started saying there was blood that was dripping down the curtain. His condition was so extreme that he could not remember his own family. He would look at his mother and say ‘where's my mum?'


After A Year Of Struggle Doctors Recognised His Condition

After a year of struggle, the doctors were finally able to recognise his condition as something called PANS/PANDAS. This condition is caused when an infection triggers a misdirected immune response which can result in brain inflammation.



The condition is believed to affect one in 200 kids. There are chances that this condition can cause OCD and eating disorders among patients. But it can often be treated with a two-week course of antibiotics.


His Sister Believes He Ruined Her Life

William's sister Charlotte believes that he has ruined her life to a great extent as she is often sleeping at friends' houses. The mother claims that it's an impossible situation which she cannot explain to a ten-year-old.


The Family Was Convinced That He Got The Infection Due To The Mould

When Williams was examined, doctors found out that his test results showed high levels of toxic substances that were produced by a fungus. William's mum believed that the PANS/PANDA can't be treated until his body is completely free of them. His condition improved after he moved out into a new house.

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We wish the boy recovers soon. What do you think of this case? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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