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Weird Tricks People Try To Cure Baldness

People have invented weird and bizarre ways to cure their hair fall problem.

Learning about the bizarre ancient Egyptian practices will leave you in shock, and you would feel great that these practices do not exist anymore.

Here in this article, we reveal to you the different types of treatments that people tried to cure baldness.

Check them out.


Using Pigeon Droppings!

Can you imagine using pigeon droppings as an ingredient to cure baldness? Well, Hippocrates who was considered to be the father of modern medicine had recommended a treatment that consisted of various ingredients like pigeon droppings, opium, beetroot, horseradish, and also a mixture of different spices to cure hair loss.

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By Using The Bull Semen

According to hair experts, the bull semen is believed to be incredibly rich in protein as it helps to feed and stimulate hair growth. It is still used in salons across the US and UK.

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The Cow Urine

Cow urine is still used today to treat a wide range of conditions in India. The urine is believed to be useful in the treatment of hair loss. It is thought that the urine used in the procedure should be used from a virgin cow. The urine is supposed to be collected and drunk before sunrise. To make things easy, an Indian company also released a soft drink that contains 5 percent cow urine.


The Hot Sauce Trick

According to reports, in a 2003 article published in the Korean Journal of Dermatology, the researchers described how capsaicin helped to regrow hair at a faster rate on mice. However, unfortunately, when it was tested on humans, the result was not positive.


The Egyptians Used Animal Fat

During the ancient times, the Egyptians recommended a bizarre treatment to cure baldness. The therapy suggested that baldness could be cured by applying a balm that consisted of the mixed fats from different animals like the lion, hippo, crocodile, along with that of cat, serpent, and ibex as well.


By Using Ground Mice And Horse Teeth

This bizarre treatment of curing baldness was tried by none other than Cleopatra who was the lover of Julius Caesar. She made a remedy using ground mice and horse teeth. However, unfortunately, it did not work, and instead, he started wearing a laurel wreath to hide his baldness.

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The Headstand

In yoga, individuals who are looking for a cure for baldness, the headstand seems to be the answer. By inverting the body, the yogis believe that there will be an increase in blood flow to the scalp, and as a result, this will prevents hair loss.

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