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My Story: Woman's Day Special: She Was Forced To Get Married And This Happened!

This is the story of a young girl who was forced into an arranged marriage, and the end result of it will simply break your heart.

This is something that happens in most of the arranged marriages, as most of the young women or men are usually not ready to marry, but are forced by the parents and relatives.

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When the partners unwillingly are bound in the relationship, the end result are fights, misunderstandings and a hell lot of trauma for the couple and the family as well.

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Check out on what happened in the case of Raima (name changed) who was forced into an arranged marriage, while she was not ready yet to settle down.


She Was Just 25 Years Old!

We wonder what happens to the society when a girl turns 25 and is not married yet! Her folks were desperately searching for a guy, even when she was doing good in her job and was quite independent. All this was done for the sake of the society for which the parents feel they are answerable to.


She Started Getting Wedding Proposals…

Her parents were keen on seeing their daughter settled and they made sure that the girl got a proposal and it did happen on a fine day. She was not happy with her parents' decision and asked them to give her some more time, as she felt she needed to settle down a bit. But it did not work in her favour...


Her Parents Did The “Emotional Blackmailing”…

Her parents thought the guy was perfect, as he spoke really well and did the things that had impressed her family. They ignored her "NO", and went ahead in deciding on the wedding date. She was distressed and wanted to call off the wedding, but at the end she got married due to her parents' force...


Her New World Was Filled With Ugly Surprises…

After wedding, she realised that her husband was good in conning the girl and her family. It turned out that he was a druggist and a womaniser. He abused his wife for no reason and started selling stuff of hers for his drug expenses...


Things Kept Getting Worse…

She hid her pain and faked her smile whenever she met her family. The guy's parents knew what a useless man he was, yet they ignored the girl's plight and instead went on to support him. The torture continued and one day, hell broke loose, as she decided to take a stand.


She Stayed With Him For 8 Long Years…

For 8 long years, she suffered from the torture of the alcoholic spineless man and one fine day, she decided to teach him a lesson and walked up to a local cop and reported about the abuse she was going through and he got what he deserved.


He Is Currently Serving His Term In Jail…

When the girl reported about the abuse, she felt confident in letting her family know of his wrong doings after marriage, for which he is currently cooling his heels at the local police station.


She Is Now Taking Baby Steps In Bettering Her Life…

After she was humiliated and tortured for 8 long years by the beast, she is currently becoming more confident and is preparing for her IAS exams, which was her dream to start with 8 years back.

Do share your thoughts or similar stories such as this in the comment section below.

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