Why Nov 9th Is The 2nd Last Lucky Day Of 2017?

According to the Vedic astrology, each year, it is believed that a combination of astrological planets and Nakshatras bring forth up to 6 auspicious days that are revered to as Guru Pushya Yog.

And, according to astrology, these 6 days are so pious that any and every auspicious activity is given a go-ahead by the priest on this day. It is alloted during a specific 'muhurat' of the day.

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So, check out and find out more about this auspicious day when everybody is believed to get lucky in one way or the other.


The Change Is Due To Jupiter

'Thursdays' are days that are said to be quite lucky and it is ruled by the planet Jupiter (Guru); it is often dedicated to the worshiping of Lord Vishnu. This helps those who have been suffering the destructive effect of the former life.


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Jupiter represents Luck, and people who have this planet as a native are believed to have a heavily negative effect of this planet as per their birth chart. They are often advised to worship Lord Vishnu, especially on every Thursday.


Why Is It An Auspicious Day?

November 9th, 2017, is the 4th of this highly auspicious day in the entire year. This day is considered to be a highly sanctified period. The occurrence is said to have happened earlier and the second last one which is the fourth Guru Pushya Yog is just a few days away.


It Is Going To Be After 3 Long Years

The past 3 Guru Pushya Yogs which have occurred in this year were on: January 12th, February 09th, and March 09th. This upcoming Yog which is happening on November 09, 2017, is all the more auspicious, as it has come after 3 long years!


The Auspicious Time Of The Day

On this day, the Guru Pushya Yog would begin at 1:39 PM and it is said that it would last until 6:09 AM the next day. This auspicious muhurat would give a window of 16 hours and 30 minutes of the auspicious time overall.

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It Is A Lucky Day For All!

This special Yog is believed to carry special blessings of Goddess Laxmi and Lord Vishnu in any activity that happens in this period, as the person will witness all the positive results. All the work done under this auspicious time is said to bring in immense wealth, fame, and fortune for the person.

So, go ahead and make your day a lucky one!

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