What Do National Flags Signify?

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Every country has a flag and it has a meaning to it. How many of us know the actual meaning of the colours used in national flags?

Most of us have learnt about the significance of colours used in the national flags.

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From religious symbolism to communist leagues, the flags have various things combined to it that gives it a meaning which defines the nation.

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United States of America

This flag is also referred as the "Stars and Stripes", or "Old Glory". It has 13 stripes that represent the original colonies. There are 50 stars and it represent the states in the union.



This flag is also called as the "tiranga". In 1931, it represented the two main groups in India which were Hindus (orange) and Muslims (green). The white stripe which is in the centre represented the desire for peace between these groups. The emblem has 24 spokes and it represents one hour of the day!

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United Kingdom

This national flag is one of the oldest flags in the world. It has been around since 1801. It is officially called the Union Flag. This flag is a combination of 3 flags and it symbolises the patron saints of these 3 countries (England and Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland).



This is one of the simplest flag. The green stripes in the flag represent the country's lush vegetation and the agriculture industry. On the other hand the white stripe represents the desire for peace.

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The white cross on the flag represents Christianity. It is the oldest flag in the world. According to history books, the flag fell from the sky on June 15, 1219.This was during a battle when King Waldemar II defeated the Estonians..

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