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Weirdest Drinking Laws Around The World

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Drinking alcohol is not only about enjoying the moments or spending good time with friends, it comes with responsibility and this is why certain laws have been made.

From having license to selling alcohol to not getting high in a pub, there are certain strict laws laid out for the citizens of certain countries around the world, which they must stringently adhere to.

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Learning about different drinking rules around the world is important and this article is all about that!

Check out on some of the weirdest drinking rules that people have made around the world.


The Indian Law

India's alcohol laws are determined on a state-by-state basis. But the most common law across the country is when people have to show their licence of their age before drinking (18 years is the legal age for drinking).


In El Salvador,They Shoot The Drunken Driver!

Punishment for drinking and driving in El Salvador is quite a severe one, as the drunken driver is sentenced to death by a firing squad for a first offense!


The United Kingdom Law

According to the UK law, it is illegal to be drunk in a club or pub after a limit. Now, that is bizarre!


The Scotland Law…

It's illegal in Scotland to "propel" a cow when the person is all boozed up. We wonder who even created this weird law!

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The Canadian Law

According to the Canadian law, it's totally illegal for a bartender to infuse, flavour, or mix a liquor unless a customer specifically asks them to. This restricts the creativity of the bartenders!


The France Law

Generally, people who possess a breathalyzer are said to be either a police officer, or someone who has previously been arrested by the cops for drinking and driving. But in France, people need to carry their own breathalyzers!


The Nigerian Law

Nigeria is the only African country that has a larger beer market in South Africa. But the catch here is that one cannot import beer in Nigeria!


The Australian Law

According to the law, it is illegal to serve shots after midnight. Serving alcohol in a glass after midnight or serving four drinks in a single shot after midnight, or even serving more than two drinks per person after 3:00 AM is considered to be illegal.


The German Law

If a person is drunk and they are found to be riding a bicycle, it can get them into trouble, as people caught riding a cycle while being drunk are generally sent to psychological review.


The Thailand Law

This is one of the most happening places around the world, but this country has one of the most bizarre alcohol rules. People are not allowed to buy

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