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Mum Who Almost Died After The Unborn Baby Ruptured The Womb!

When a woman is pregnant, there is so much of care that is given to her right from the initial moment. From the first to the third trimester, there is a lot that goes on in the woman's body.

Amidst this, there are times when there are complications that can cause stress and trouble at any point of time in pregnancy.

The last few days are said to be the most crucial period, as the woman needs to take extra care of herself and closely monitor the kicking of the baby in the uterus.

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But what happens if the unborn kicks so hard that it tears the uterus of the mother and endangers their lives?

Well, this is something that happened in this case where the unborn child kicked the womb so hard that it was left with its leg hanging out!

Check on to know more of what happened...


This Happened In China

This rare case happened in a province of China, where a woman known only by her surname Ms Zhang was admitted to a hospital after she complained of pain. She was 35 weeks pregnant. Her family assumed her to be suffering from stomach ache when they admitted her.


Her Uterine Was Ruptured

The unborn child caused a rare complication, where it had kicked the womb so hard that it tore the wall lining of the womb. When the woman was examined, they got a shock of their life when they saw that the baby's leg was outside the womb and it had ruptured the uterus.


It Happened Accidentally

The doctors claimed that they found a 7-cm-long hole in the uterus that had ruptured it. This is the exact spot where Ms Zhang's scar was located at the bottom of her uterus. This scar was due to her medical condition, where she had undergone a surgery just 6 months before she conceived. The baby apparently kicked on it by accident. This is said to have caused the unexpected rupture.


She Was Operated Immediately

When the doctors realised that she was in a critical condition, they operated her and the surgery took over 10 long hours and the doctors revealed that both the baby and the mother are doing good. They revealed that the timely operation saved both the lives, as the amniotic fluids had entered the blood stream of the mother.

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It Is One Of The Rarest Cases

The paramedics revealed that this kind of a case, which is also known as the 'rupture pregnancy', is considered to be extremely rare. According to reports, there have been only 26 cases that are said to have been reported worldwide.

The doctors revealed that women who have undergone fibroid-removal operations should not plan to conceive for a minimum of 2 years, as the body needs to heal!

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Images Source: PTI

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