How You Can Judge A Person By Looking At His Or Her Eyes

Do you know that a person's facial characteristics and features speak a lot about him or her? One can judge a person even by merely looking at his or her eyes.

They say the eyes are the windows to know about a person's characteristic and type.

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judge a person by looking at their eyes

The feelings of a person and various other such aspects of his/her personality can be revealed by just checking at his or her physical features, especially the eyes.

So, check out on how easily you can judge a person by looking at his/her eyes. These are the traits you'll probably note. Read on.


Almond-shaped Eyes

A person who has almond-shaped eyes is believed to be self-disciplined and he/she manages the urges well. They have a great sense of secrecy. Even though the person will be warm and sensitive, he/she has a control over emotions.


Round-shaped Eyes

People with this kind of an eye shape are known to be quite emotional. They have intense mood swings and they speak their minds easily and tend to be very dramatic. Apart from this, they are very attractive to their opposite sex and are sociable, artistic, charming, impulsive and creative.


Closed Set Eyes

People with this eye feature have an incredibly powerful ability to focus. They hate to get disturbed, as they have a tendency to become easily stressed out. They are known to have in-depth knowledge about everything. They also tend to be angry often, as they have low tolerance ability.


Wide Set Eyes

People with this kind of eyes have more space between their eyes. They are more adaptable, flexible and understanding. They also have a broad perspective about life and they appreciate everything in life and are innovative thinkers.


Deep Set Eyes

People with this type of eyes are intense and observant. They are generally found to be creative and are also good in writing skills. They like to observe things around them and jump to conclusions quite easily.


Prominent Eyes

This is the most prominent feature of the whole face. They are the most friendly and warm people that you would ever meet. They are also kind-hearted and are always blissful.


Protruding Eyes

People with this type of protruding eyes are very energetic and are highly active. They also have the tendency to hate other people who ignore them.


Big Eyes

People with big eyes are open-minded and they have scholarly curiosity. They are well-suited for their creative work, as they can come up with bright ideas. Apart from this, they are warm and have a sympathetic nature.


Small Eyes

People with small eyes are particularly watchful of details. They have a perfectionist nature. They are also attentive, as they are watchful of what is going on around them. It is also an indication of far-sighted vision and a sharp mind.


Downward Slanting Eyes

They are said to be pessimistic in general and they can get discouraged easily. They are dedicated to their loved ones. People with downward slanting eyes have a tendency to happily let others override them.

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Upward Slanting Eyes

If a person's eye corner is higher than the inner corner, he/she is said to have an upward slanting eye. This type of an eye is also referred to as a cat's eye. People with this type of eyes are optimistic and determined. They are entertaining but always try to get what they want.


Hooded Eyes

These guys are always happy to help and they do not stress over details and do not wish anything in return after helping others. On the other hand, they feel all is well around them and the world is a happy place, which is not exactly the truth and thus people have negative thoughts about the hooded-eyed people.

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    Story first published: Saturday, October 28, 2017, 11:14 [IST]
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