This Is How Couples Are Treated On Valentine's Day

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There is love all over the world on this Valentine's day. People are busy gifting and surprising their partners on this special day. However, is this day as rosy as it seems to be in real?

We bet, one would doubt as well, after checking this shocking video of what happens in India on Valentine's day!

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This is a shocking video on how the moral police are doing wrong and expect the citizens in India to not celebrate this day!

Read to know more on how this day is spoilt for all the wrong reasons.


Extra Efforts Are Taken On This Day!

The moral policing takes extra steps ahead in driving couples away from parks on this day. We wonder who gives them the right to do so!


One Needs To Be Careful Before Popping Up The Question!

A person has to look around before they pop up a question in public, as you never know when the moral police might arrive and create an unwanted scene.


People Who Are Not Serious About The Relationship Get Into Deep Trouble!

If a couple is not serious about the relationship and have been caught by these thugs called "moral police", they would forcefully get the couple married. Nothing can be worse than this for a couple who're thinking of breaking up!


There Is Extra Sale In Police Costumes On This Day!

Reports claim that they notice sudden increase in costume sale for this day, as people who are against the Valentine's day culture pretend to be cops and take charge of being this way!


Is It Really Necessary?

We wonder why do people have to retaliate and create a scene on this day's celebration, as even though this is followed religiously in the West, people would love to share their love with the loved ones on this day. After all, they are celebrating another day of love!


Nothing Can Dampen The Spirits Of Youngsters On This Day!

Even though there would be so many reports of self-policing done by unwanted media attention seekers protesting and creating a scene on this day, youngsters claim that nothing would dampen their spirits and yet they would continue to celebrate this day by being unmindful of the consequences.


We Wish…

We hope at least this year it is going to be a little different and wish that the mentality of people changes and the moral policing finally stops!

Check The Shocking Video Below

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Story first published: Tuesday, February 14, 2017, 11:51 [IST]
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