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The Only Indian Temple Where A Muslim Woman Is Worshipped

By: Shibu Purushothaman

Temples are considered to be a divine link between man, god and the universal Purusha in a sacred place. Temple plays a very important role in Hinduism.

Temples are respected and valued, as these are the divine places to worship God and are also known to uphold the culture of Hinduism. With millions and millions of temples in India, each one of them has its own significance.

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One among the unique temples in India is the Dola Mata Mandir, situated in the small village of Jhulasan.

So, continue reading to know more on why this temple is so unique.


The Goddess Here Is A Muslim

The Dola Mata Mandir is one among the unique temples in the country, where a Muslim woman is worshipped. The goddess is Dola, the Muslim woman who is known to bless the people of the state. According to some ancient facts, it is believed that the village, Jhulasan, was attacked by some goons. Dola, the Muslim woman fought against these goons bravely and saved the village. However, the woman was not able to sustain longer against the goons and lost her life.

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The Temple Was Built

Eyewitnesses have said that as soon as Dola took her last breath, her body turned into a flower. In order to honor the bravery of Dola, the villagers decided to build a temple where Dola took her last breath. Now, people worship Dola and the temple is known as Dola Mata Mandir.


There Is No Idol Inside The Temple

There is no idol situated inside the temple, but there is a stone covered in a saree. This stone is considered to be the deity and is worshipped by the villagers. The devotion of villagers towards this temple is so much that they have contributed Rs. 4 crore to get a lavish temple dedicated to Dola, the Muslim woman.


The Village Is Also Famous For

The village is also known for being the birthplace of the first female Indian astronaut, Sunita Williams. The temple caught the attention of media when Sunita came along with her father to offer prayers to the Dola Mata. Sunita was born in this small state and the villagers are extremely proud of her. It is said that Sunita's father has spent almost 22 years in this village.

Muslim woman delivers baby in Temple, names him Ganesh

The Temple Fulfils The Desires Of The People

Apart from this, it is also believed that the deity fulfils the desires of the villagers to get settled abroad. Out of 7000 people in the village, 1500 are already settled in the US; and once people get settled abroad, they pledge to worship Dola Mata whenever they come back to India.

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Story first published: Wednesday, October 11, 2017, 12:43 [IST]
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