What Really? This Lady Can Cure Any Health Problem By Just Licking It!

Some people are actually blessed with having a magical power and this is something that even scientists and researchers have failed to prove them wrong. 

One such case is of a woman who treats people's diseases by just licking the body part!

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It might sound gross and hard to believe, but this is a true story of an old lady from Bosnia. Check out this bizarre story of how people are getting cured with her saliva treatment!


She Is…

She is a 77-year-old lady, Hava Sebik, from Bosnia who claims that she can cure any disease of the eyes by licking your eye balls. Apparently, her husband never believed about her power until one day, when his eye got injured with a piece of wood.

She Did The Magic…

When her husband was hurt in the eye, she licked on his eyeball and he realised that the very second she licked his eye, all his pain diminished and his eye became normal again and from that day, he started believing in this magical power of hers!

She Knew About Her Powers Years Back….

She apparently knew about her powers in her early childhood. And after her husband realised of her powers, he gave her permission to use this power to cure the needy people and help them out.

Her Discovery About Her Powers…

When she was a kid, her younger sibling complained of dryness in his eyes. To get him relief, she normally licked on the eyeball of her brother. He realised that his eyes got cured by doing this. And this is when she discovered about this magical power of hers.

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Other Diseases Are Treated As Well…

It is said that she can not only cure different allergies or conjunctivitis or even dryness of the eyes, she can also cure serious eye-related problems and give relief to the patient.

Her Secret…

According to the reports, she uses alcohol on her tongue tip before she licks the patients' eye! So, what do you think works here? Do let us know in the comment section below.

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    Story first published: Thursday, September 14, 2017, 10:39 [IST]
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