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    WTF! Needles, Syringes & Pins Come Out Of Her Legs!

    A woman in India claims that needles, syringes and pins come out from her legs regularly. She claims that she has been suffering from this bizarre condition since quite sometime.

    Here are more details on the bizarre condition of the woman who claims that she does not insert them and they come out of her body on their own!!

    needles inside legs of Indian woman

    The more bizarre it sounds, the more weird it is to imagine of such a thing, isn't it? So check out on the actual bizarre case of this Indian woman who claims to have pins, syringes and needles removed from her body...


    She Has Been Suffering From This Condition Since Long…

    Anusuiya Devi hails from a small village in Fatehpur district of Uttar Pradesh, India. She claims that the needles, syringes and pins have been appearing in her legs since 2012.


    She Was Begging For Medical Help…

    After suffering for so many years and her body giving up on her resistance power, she is having difficulties while walking, sitting or even standing from the past five years. With the excruciating pain, she has reached out to get help from the medics.

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    She Said…

    When she was questioned about her condition, she revealed, "I've had this problem for five years. Needles just come out of my legs. I have no explanation, I have no idea how they get in there and I'm fed up of the constant pain now."


    Medics Claim…

    Doctors claim that this is some kind of sickness, but none of them seem to be aware of it. But they believe she must be inserting the sharp objects herself. Yet the woman claims that she has never self-harmed.


    The Different Types Of Needles

    According to the sources, there are three kinds of sharp objects that come out of her body, which are nails, needles and syringe needles that are used in hospitals. This makes us wonder how does it even get inside of her! It is highly impossible for a foreign object like a syringe to get in.

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    She Claims…

    She claims that she develops small pimples on her legs that eventually grow bigger before they burst. When it bursts, the pus discharge pushes out a needle or nail from her legs. Though this sounds disturbing, the doctors claim that it is impossible for a human to grow such precise needles within himself/herself!

    What do you think - is this her mental illness or her pathetic attempt at getting famous? Do let us know in the comment section below.

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