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Nigerian Muslim Man Who Had 120 Wives & 203 Kids!

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There are many Islamic rules that have been created by people with very less knowledge. This is the reason why Muslim women are fighting to remove the triple talak rule that people have been following blindly.

This is one of the examples in which a Nigerian man misused the liberty of polygamy and married 120 women and bore 203 kids!

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Here are the details of the bizarre case of this Nigerian muslim preacher who misused the teaching and preaching of Islam for his own benefit.

Read on to know his details...


He Met His Wives While Curing Them…

His wives revealed that they met him when they had consulted him for curing themselves of their illnesses. He had apparently cured them from their sufferings and married them later. One of his wifes revealed, "I said I couldn't marry an older man, but he said it was directly an order from God, and hence ended up marrying him!"


A Fatwa Was Released Against Him…

Most Islamic scholars believe that a man can have a maximum of four wives in a polygamy case and since this preacher had married so many women, a fatwa was also issued against him.


He Divorced Few Of His Wives As Well…

He had apparently divorced 10 of his wives from the 120. However, he still considered the remaining as his wives.


He Wished To Marry More!

In an interview, he had said that he would continue to marry more women as long as he was alive.

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He Believed…

He said, "I don't go looking for them, they come to me. I will consider the fact that God has asked me to do it and I will just marry them."


He Died At The Age Of 93!

Finally, this man rested in peace at the age of 93 when he left behind 120 wives and 203 kids!

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