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    How Much The Human Body Is Worth In The Black Market?

    If you are feeling low and wonder if you are worth living or not, then give it a second thought, as this article will brighten up your spirits!

    According to studies, it is revealed that our body is worth crores! And this is no joke, especially in the black market.

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    Check out the different prices of each of the human body parts and its net worth!

    We bet, by the time you reach the end of this article, you would realise as to how rich we are as humans!


    Kidneys – 1,34,19,290

    This is the most popular human organ sold in the black market. Reports claim that a staggering amount of 75% of the black market organ trade involves the sale of kidneys. Hence, one would not be shocked to realise that this is one among the most expensive organs to illegally purchase!

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    Liver – 1,07,35,432

    According to a research, liver disease claims more lives than any other disease. The condition is generally realised in the critical stages most of the times, which makes the waiting for a transplant quite risky and hence the patients turn to the black market, as it makes it cheaper and easier to find a replacement liver.


    Heart – 79,84,477

    Legal heart donations require a lot of money, apart from the fee associated with the transplant surgery. Hence, people look out for options at the black market, as it is cost effective.


    Corneas – 1,02,322

    Cornea damage can lead to blindness, hence it plays a vital role in the proper functioning of the body. For people who have permanently damaged their eyesight from a long list of unexpected situations, which also include the glancing at a solar eclipse without proper eye protection, can breathe a sigh of relief, as the black market has stepped up to fill this need as well.


    Bone Marrow – 15,43,218

    Did you know that donating a gram of bone marrow is one of the quickest ways to illegally get rich instantly? Though according to a law, it is only legal to donate bone marrow and not sell it, people still tend to sell and make good money out of it.


    Eggs – 8,38,705

    According to the US law, it is legal to sell and buy human eggs, but the overall expenses associated with the transplant is costly. But all thanks to the black market, the total cost has dropped down.


    Coronary Artery – 1,02,322

    Since heart disease is considered to be one of the most common ailments, the market for this organ transplant is big. Although coronary artery transplants do not happen legally, there are reports of this organ being in great demand.


    Small Intestine – 1,69,015

    This is one of the rare and complicated transplant surgeries that happens around in the world. This procedure is typically offered to people who have their small intestine removed or who are suffering from an intestinal failure.


    Gallbladder – 81,790

    This transplant is done when the patient suffers from gallstones. Though it is very unusual to have the gallbladder replaced after it is removed, there is a demand for this organ.


    Blood – 1677-22,812

    Even though most of us are eligible to donate blood, there is still a shortage of blood in the blood banks. In India, some people are trapped in the so-called blood farms, where they are kept in cages and forced to donate blood from time to time.


    Pair Of Eyeballs – 1,02,322

    The cost of a cornea and a pair of eyeballs is the same as per the black market value. These transplants are done in the most severe cases.


    The Overall Net Value Of A Human Body Is

    Kidneys - 1,34,19,290
    Liver - 1,07,35,432
    Heart - 79,84,477
    Corneas - 1,02,322
    Bone Marrow - 15,43,218
    Eggs - 8,38,705
    Coronary Artery - 1,02,322
    Small Intestine - 1,69,015
    Gallbladder - 81,790
    Blood - 1677-22,812
    Pair Of Eyeballs - 1,02,322

    Total = 35,101,705!

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    Story first published: Wednesday, December 6, 2017, 16:59 [IST]
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