He Was Posing For A Perfect Picture Until He Fell Off From A Mountain Cliff!

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These days sharing things on our social sites has become pretty important to most of us. To get the perfect click, we tend to take risks and while doing so, there can be many unfortunate instances. In certain cases, people have even lost their lives!

This is one such case and we've shared the video below, where a young man can be seen trying to get the perfect click and slipping from the mountain cliff and landing on the ground.

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Read further to know more about this story of a guy who fell from a mountain cliff while posing.


This Incident Happened In Chongqing City, China

A Chinese man was filmed hanging off the edge of a cliff to pose for camera in Chongqing City, China, until tragedy struck!


The Video Footage Shows…

The video footage shows him hanging off the cliff to get the perfect photo on the Jigong mountain in Chongqing city.


He Had Been Practicing Free Climbing For Years!

Apparently, this guy had been practising free climbing for more than four years now! He wanted to get some of the best pictures of himself, and hence asked his friends to take a photo of him on the mountain top.


He Fell A Dozen Metres

In the video, it can be clearly seen that the man lost his grip and fell a dozen metres off the cliff, while his friends are heard screaming for him.

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Luckily, He Survived The Fall…

Even after he fell dozens of metres down, he was lucky enough, as he walked away only with bruises and cuts on his arms and legs! We bet, he would think the next time before trying out such dangerous tricks.


Here Is The Video Of The Incident…

See the near-to-death fall of this daredevil guy!

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Story first published: Tuesday, April 11, 2017, 17:56 [IST]
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