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Funny Pictures With Background Fails

If we are looking great in a picture, we do not think twice before sharing it online with our loved ones. Sharing images online is not a great idea, even when you wish to share your happiness around the world.

This article has some of the most hilarious pictures that people have posted online and these are the pictures that have become viral instantly, all thanks to their major background fails.

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From kids changing diapers to people walking around nude, you can watch them all here...

Check out these hilarious pictures...


The Victory Picture…

The player seems to be happy posing with the trophy and you suddenly realise that there's a nude man standing casually in the background. Though he seems to be a spoiler, it looks like a regular scene at the changing room of the team.

During The News Hour…

Well, the cameraman should have paid a little more attention to what's happening in the background, as a co-worker seems to be enjoying watching porn during office hours while the news was being telecasted LIVE!

Bad Parenting!

This is a clear example of bad parenting, as the woman does not seem to give a damn that her kid is around in the room, while she seems to enjoy baring it all to the camera. PS: The kid doesn't seem to be bothered with what she is doing!

Oh, Poor Kid!

This mum seems to be in a hurry to post sexy pictures of hers, while she has placed her baby in the sink! REALLY? Does the kid even deserve to be in this place while the mum is all busy??

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When you focus on what the woman is relishing and eating in the picture, it does not take seconds for you to turn your face to the kid you see picking her nose in the background while she is eating food!

When Your Son And Mum Stare!

This woman wanted to flaunt her body and take a few great pictures. She had apparently locked her son and mum outside the door while she enjoyed her photo session! Seems like an utter flop show.

Diaper Changing Time!

The mother in the background seems to be busy changing her baby's diaper in a common bathroom, while the girls could not stop themselves from getting the right click! Crazy, right?


Aww... She posed this picture with a caption that her boyfriend caught her taking a shower. Take a closer look in the background, and it reveal it all! We're glad the mirror was not full-sized! It's a pure FAIL!

Oh, Boy!

This poor girl was pouting while her back faced the mirror and the end result is the A**L word that grabs the attention rather than her beauty. We bet she had not noticed it until it went viral!

Pervert Found!

These girls were found having fun, until they accidentally clicked the man in the background taking pictures of women! He seems to be an expert in clicking such shots!

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    Story first published: Thursday, July 20, 2017, 17:58 [IST]
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