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Facts About A Woman's Sexuality

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Women are said to be mysterious and learning about their body is said to be more mysterious, as there are many factors that can surprise anybody.

Here, in this article, we are about to share some of the details on a woman's sexuality. A woman generally has many things running on in her mind.

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From the emotional stress to her sexual desires, there are many things that go on in the mind of a woman and exploring the facts about these bodies would be surely interesting!

These are some of the most interesting factors that will make all men respect a woman's body.

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Find out about these interesting and unknown facts about a woman's body that will simply blow your mind!!


Fact #1

Hope men are reading this one! Studies suggest that orgasms may actually make women to experience less menstrual cramping.


Fact #2

A woman's clitoris is said to grow all throughout her life, until she hits menopause, as it triples in size when compared to the teenage size!


Fact #3

Breaking of hymen has nothing to do with the woman's virginity, as it can break due to any of the regular activities like running or horse riding.


Fact #4

A woman's egg is said to be fertile between 24 and 48 hours, while a man's sperm can live up to 48 or more hours in a woman's body.


Fact #5

Women crave sex in summer more than they do in other seasons. This is due to the season's scents!


Fact #6

Clitoris is said to have only one function in a woman's body and it is to give her immense pleasure during lovemaking. Apart from this, there is no function of it.


Fact #7

Studies have revealed that up to 75% of women can reach orgasm by just a clitoris stimulation. Interesting, right?


Fact #8

Women who are over 40 years are said to achieve orgasms more easily when compared to women who are below 40!


Fact #9

Some women are born with 2 uteruses or 2 vaginas. It is not known until she starts experiencing weird menstrual cycles or excessive bleeding.


Fact #10

There is no woman who would have breasts of the same size. One breast is always larger than the other one.

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Story first published: Monday, March 20, 2017, 22:00 [IST]
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