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Real-Life Stories: When Groom Plunged To Save The Life Of A Drowning Kid

Canadian groom saves drowning child during his wedding | Oneindia News

We love to look our best during our wedding time and there is no stone left unturned to look perfect, but what happens if there is an emergency situation and how would you react to that?

Well, this is a real-life incident that happened and it stores our faith in humanity! It's the case of a groom who jumped into water to save the life of a young boy who had fallen in the water accidentally.

Read on to know more on the incident.


It Was Their Wedding Photo Shoot!

Newlyweds Brittany and Clayton Cook were in the middle of their wedding photo shoot when the couple saw a child fall into a river nearby. It all happened in a fraction of a second and the groom jumped into the water to save the life of the kid.


He Did Not Waste Time In Thinking!

Clayton Cook did not think twice before he plunged into the water to save the child. The child was apparently pushed by another child in a game play when things got serious.


All This Was Captured By The Photographer!

The photographer who was clicking the couple's wedding shoot captured these special moments, as it showed the real side of the groom. We must say, the bride is a lucky woman!

The Post Went Viral

When the photographer shared the incident on Facebook, it definitely had to go viral.

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