Shocking Pictures Of Destruction From Japan

Japan is a country that needs the entire world's respect when it comes to following punctuality and the unity of the citizens.

This nation is always at the receiving end from the wrath of mother nature, as there are so many calamities that happen in this place every other day.

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Every single time, there are natural calamities that strike, and the citizens take no time to lend a helping hand. This helps in recovering from the calamities very soon.

Check out on these devastating pictures of the recent floods that happened in the nation.


#1. Searching For People!

This is the aftermath picture of how the rescuers are desperately searching the rubble to find out any sign of life. The most appreciating trait of this country's citizens is that they go on to any extent to save any living being, as it does not have to be only humans!

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#2. When Houses Started Floating…

The image makes us realise about the gravity of the climatic situation and the strong yet divine efforts of the rescue teams. Reports claim that Japan is the third biggest island of the country and has been lately affected by unprecedented rains.

#3. When Citizens Unite…

After the flood, when the citizens come out in search of the people who need help, it is a really motivating sight to see. They search in every nook and corner of places just to find out about any living being who needs help. The search operations go on for days together.

#4. Mother Nature Does Not Spare Anything!

When mother nature decides to get furious, there is little that one can do to stop the havoc and this image is a proof of the same. People emerge out of their houses just to help the needy even when the climate is still not fine.

#5. There Is Thick Mud All Over…

After the flood, there is thick mud all over the place that gets accumulated due to mudslides that makes the rescue operations even more tougher. Yet, the rescue operations continue and we must surely salute these guys for risking their lives to just save others.

#6. When People Get Lifted By Air…

Yes, it is a vast operation to bring back life to normal after this ruin. People are lifted from places where common man cannot reach in the hour of need and the government of this nation has its back for the people, as they truly help in rescuing the people and in getting back life on track after such a devastating destruction.

#7. Seeing Their Own House Getting Washed Away…

Though it is a common sight of a flood to see houses getting washed away, we bet it must be really painful to see how easily your own house can get washed away and all that you can do is to just stand there and click those last pictures of your beloved house!

#8. The Damage Is Really Huge!

Check out on the size of the debris that is left behind after the floods. The nation would surely take quite some time to come out of the loss that it has faced. But we're sure that Japan is a country that does not take much time to recover, as people unite together to bring back life to normalcy!

#9. When The Army Helps…

During the rescue operations, when one of the Japanese Self-Defense Forces steps in to help the citizens, there is no age, bar, caste or just anything that would come in the way, as people just wish to get saved from the havoc that would have taken place.

#10. The Rescue Operations...

There is nothing more important than saving a life at hand by the rescue operations. From life to property, there has been immense that has been deeply affected and these were just a few of the images of the overall destruction that has happened in Japan in the recent times.

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    Story first published: Tuesday, July 11, 2017, 21:09 [IST]
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