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A Cemetery Where You Pay Rent To Keep The Dead!

Letting the dead part away is quite painful and if it is something that you need to pay an amount for, it's the worst thing!

We live in a world where everything is pricey and when it comes to paying for the dead, it would surely break your heart.

A cemetery in Guatemala is one such place where the dead bodies are removed if the family members do not pay the price for their graves!

Check out this more bizarre story of not letting the dead be at peace for the cost of money!


It Is A Daily Task Here…

Death is painful and when it is your loved one, it would surely be devastating. What's worse is knowing that the men who work in this graveyard remove the corpses. People whose families can no longer afford the luxury of a private crypt are removed when the lease on a grave expires. Removing the deadbodies from their coffins is a daily task here.

The Rental Agreement…

It's all in the rental agreement. Families of the deceased must pay a "rent" to ensure their loved ones remain undisturbed within their vertical tombs. According to the agreement, the first six years of burial are free, but after that, they are charged $24 for every successive four years. This is a lot of money for most of the folks burying their loved ones in these crypts.

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The Remains Of The Dead…

Most of the corpses that have been excavated are mostly decomposed. But the ones that have been laid to rest in the upper crypts are mostly in the most scariest forms where the conditions are hot and dry, and thus become mummified.

The Bodies Are Stuffed Into Plastic Bags…

The bodies and the remains of the dead that are not claimed are generally stuffed into plastic bags, labelled and sent to a mass grave to be reburied. Bags of broken corpses are tossed into heaps like piles of garbage and transported on trucks with the clothes that they were buried in.

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The Aftermath…

Reports claim that once the corpses have been removed, these used coffins are generally discarded, and it ends up in a heap of rubbish and broken wood near the graveyard. The remains are mostly claimed by the family members, which are stored in a small box and then deposited at the General Cemetery.

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