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UNBELIEVABLE!! Teen Who Had 232 Extra Teeth In His Mouth

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As there are advancements in science, there is a lot that is happening simultaneously with the new viruses and pathogens popping up. There are so many new diseases that are known to affect mankind.

A young guy named Ashik Gavai from India apparently had 232 teeth in his mouth and this is something that we are not kidding about!

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Apparently, his visit to the doctor made them get a shock of their lives when he opened his mouth to only discover that he had so many teeth inside!

Check out the bizarre story unfold...


He Was Unaware Of His Condition...

Ashik had been suffering for more than 18 months with severe pain in his jaw and mouth. He travelled to the city from his village after the doctors from his village failed to identify the cause of the actual problem.

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He Suffered From A Medical Condition...

Apparently, he suffered from a condition known as the 'Odontomas', in which there are haphazardly arranged tooth-like growths. These growths are composed of enamel and dentin, which is the yellowish tissue that generally makes up the bulk of our teeth.


The Surgery…

The doctors said how difficult it was for them to check his condition. They revealed: "At first, we couldn't cut it out so we had to use the basic chisel and hammer to take it out. "Once we opened it, little pearl-like teeth started coming out, one-by-one. Initially, we were collecting them, they were really like small white pearls. But then we started to get tired. We counted 232 teeth."


He Is Lucky...

Being young is playing a positive role in his life, as the surgeons were able to extract all the 232 teeth and were successfully able to maintain the teenager's jawbone structure as well! The positive thing about the entire case is that odontomas does not recur.

We wish him a speedy recovery!

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