Real-life Story: Black Mother Gives Birth To One In A Million “WHITE” Daughter

When a couple is of a mixed breed, the kids are often of a mixed breed too. They look like they are a combination of both the races of the parents.

But what happens if the kid looks like just one parent? Does not sound so stunning right, unless you read this case of a black woman who gave birth to a white blue-eyed baby girl!

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Well, we are not here to promote any racism, but instead share about this beautiful rare story that happens one in a million cases!

This is the story of Shophie Blake and her white baby Tiara. Check on to know more...


About The Family…

Christopher Perkins is a 60-year-old man, a retired sales manager. He is Tiara's dad who is white. When his wife Stacey got pregnant with his baby, the couple thought their baby girl would be a mixture of both of them.

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Chances Of Such Births Are One In Million…

When Tiara was born, Sophia was in a shock. She asked the midwife if she was definitely her child. Doctors revealed that the chances of such case of the child being born as white, as her dad, is as incredible as million to one!


She Has Tough Time Explaining The World

Sophia explained that strangers often assume she and Tiara are not related and hence everytime they are out, she hears nasty comments being passed. It is even more difficult for her, as she has another daughter who is 17 years old and she is black too!


As Tiara Is Growing Up, They Are Facing More Issues…

The mother revealed how difficult it is getting for her to explain her little tod as to how special she is. She further added: "When she was very tiny I didn't mind so much. Until I had Tiara I didn't appreciate how much we all identify ourselves with being white or black - and the issue now is Tiara has a black family but looks white." Sometimes she says, "why don't we look alike mummy? I explain she is mixed race but it is very confusing for her."


Now Sophia Is Spreading Awareness…

After facing a lot of racial comments, Sophia has decided to speak out and raise awareness that mixed race children can also be very white or very black.

What do you think of this beautiful family. Let us know in the comment section below.

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    Story first published: Monday, December 25, 2017, 9:30 [IST]
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