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Final Moments Of The Girl Who Was Trapped For 3 Days!

This is a true story of a young 12-year-old girl who was trapped in a volcanic debris from her waist below. She was alive and calm for the next 60 hours when the rescuers were trying their best to revive her and knew it that she would not make it, yet they tried to save her life.

Here are the details of the struggle that the little girl went through during her last moments and she knew her end was nearing, yet kept her calm and even sang a song while the rescue operators worked on her.

Check out on some of the heart-breaking moments that were recorded of this little girl.


Her Picture Became Iconic!

She was stuck in the mud flow of a volcano, where she was helpless, yet alive. This picture of hers staring in the lens will churn up your stomach when you realise that she was alive at that very moment.

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Her Calm Look…

Though she was in immense pain, she did not let it affect her, as she had a calm look on her face, while the rescuers were trying all possible ways to remove her from the debris in a single piece and her leg was stuck down.

Her Dead Aunt Held Her!

The rescuers noticed that the little girl's leg was held tight by her aunt who had died in the concrete. The rescuers later realised that the girl was kneeling down and there was no chance that they could rescue her alive.

She Revealed She Was At Home When The Tragedy Struck

She revealed to the reporters that when the volcano struck, her parents, brother, aunt and she were in the house, and they were worried about the ash fall from the volcano. She was covered in concrete in no time, yet she managed to break free, unless she realised that her aunt held her foot and the concrete door fell on her.

The Rescuers Revealed

The rescue workers noticed her hand and they worked on freeing her upper body off the debris. They tried to pull her out, which seemed impossible without breaking her legs and hence they put a tyre tube around her body, so that it could stop her from drowning.

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Her Brief Moments…

Throughout the 60 hours, she remained positive and kind, except for a few moments when she prayed and cried, as she was scared. There were moments when she remained in a good spirit and even sang a song.

She Asked For Sweets…

In these hours, she asked for sweets and even drank soda. She was such a considerate angel that at one point, she told her rescuers to leave her, so that they could get some rest.

She Started Hallucinating On Her Final Day...

She started hallucinating on her third and final night and said that she would be late for school. The rescuers revealed that her face was already swollen and her hands had turned white, and her eyes seemed to have become red.

She Died After The 60 Hours Of Struggle

After she fought a battle for 60 long hours, the girl succumbed to her condition and breathed her last. The reason for her death was revealed as gangrene and hypothermia.

Since she could not be rescued, the rescuers let her die in a humanly manner.

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