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    A Couple Adopted A Baby & Got A Shock Of Their Life

    This is a case which reminds us that there are miracles happening around to everyone and this case restores our faith in God.

    It is a story of a couple who struggled to conceive for the longest time and when they opted for an adoption, they got a shock of their life, when they met the biological mother, as they had a common link between them.

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    This is a shocker, as the couple had not thought in the wildest dream that the baby would turn out to be this...

    Find out more about this unique family and the sequence of things that happened.


    It Is A Story Of Walt And Annie Manis!

    They were childhood sweethearts who knew that they would start a family together some day. They got married and everything seemed perfect, unless Annie had trouble in getting pregnant.


    Walt's Dream Since He Was A Kid…

    Since he was a little boy, Walt always believed that he was destined to have a baby girl. He had a vision of a girl with dark hair, dark eyes and olive skin. He wished to name her "Chloe".


    The Couple's Faith Was Tested…

    The couple were heart-broken, as they could not have their own kid. And they chose to opt for an adoption. Walt was disappointed, as his dream of having a baby girl would be a dream only. They realised that adoption is something that they could do. This decision gave them the shocking realisation about God, as it was seen that God was ready to give them everything they had ever asked for.


    They Received An E-mail From The Adoption Centre…

    The couple received an e-mail from their adoption agency and it read "It's a girl"! Apparently, a pregnant birth mother had chosen the couple to adopt her unborn baby girl whom she had decided to name "Chloe".


    The Baby Was Born…

    When Walt saw the baby for the first time, he was in utter shock, as the baby resembled his vision of a child, which he'd been seeing since he was a kid; and the best part was, the biological mother too had wished to name the baby girl "Chloe" and she did not know this until she'd met them.

    What do you think? Was it a miracle or just a coincidence? Do share your thoughts on this in the comment section below.

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