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What Would You Like To Be After You Die??

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We all have wishes in our lives, there are a few people who have wishes of even their after-lives! Yeah, you read that right. There are a few things people wish to become after death and the companies around the world are just getting popular by doing these things.

Here, in this article, we are just about to share the list of things that people wish to become after they die. There are various choices that you can select from.

Be it a Frisbee to a diamond or even a teddy, there is nothing that you cannot turn into, as everything is possible in this mad crazzzzy world!

Check out some of the most amazing things that people can become after their death. All that one needs is just a teaspoon of the ashes of the dead person to get things working right.

Find out some more information on this unique trending discovery that we have come across...and we're sure you'll go bonkers!


Become A Frisbee

This is something out of the box that a person would even think of becoming after death. But, there has been only one man who had his last wish to become a Frisbee. His family thought it to be a joke, unless he made sure they knew what exactly he wanted to be!


Blaze In Glory

Brighten up the sky with your ashes and make people smile. This is a unique idea to party even after your death. There are various companies that use the dead person's ashes to make firework!


Love Office Even After Death!

Well, this is the perfect one for the people who loved their work until their last breath. The ashes are added in a special art work and a paper-weight is made out of it. What better way to stay at work even after death, right?


Shine Like A Diamond

Woah, now the saying "Diamonds are forever" has got a true identity. This is a perfect way to lock your beloved closer to your heart! There are various companies that make gemstones out of hair lock or ashes. The choice is yours!


Morbid Stuffed Animal!

You can now hug your close one even after his/her death. There are companies that make teddy bears which contain the ashes of the dead person. The ashes of your loved one are sealed inside a red heart that is placed in a teddy's chest all secured.


Be Tattoo Ink!

This is an option for those who really can't let go of their loved ones. The ashes of the dead are mixed along with the tattoo ink before they are used to make a tattoo. The person would have their beloved one close to their skin forever, by this unique way!

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