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Weirdest Diseases Around The World

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These days, there are too many new diseases that are affecting several people every other day. We are here to share the list of some of the weirdest diseases around the world.

There are thousands of diseases and disorders, but there are a few disorders that are so weird, they will leave you dumbstruck.

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Weirdest Diseases Around The World

Be it the blue-skinned people or the people who are suffering from vampire syndrome, there are many such weird diseases that the world is not aware of yet.

Find out about such bizarre diseases that people are suffering from, in this article.

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Persistent Sexual Arousal Syndrome

This is one of the weirdest diseases a person can suffer from. In this condition, a person suffers from having an orgasm 24×7! It is characterised by unrelenting, persistent and intrusive genital arousal, which has nothing to do with sexual desire! How strange is this!


Werewolf Syndrome

Some people are born with extra genes on a certain spot of the X chromosome that causes excess hair growth. The person tends to have hair growth all over their face. It is a very rare syndrome with only about 50 cases reported worldwide, since the middle ages.


Exploding Head Syndrome

This is a serious disease that is affecting thousands around the world. In this, the person hears sounds that are like a bomb exploding or a gun firing off, or another form of loud noise, within one's head while trying to sleep.


Alice In Wonderland Syndrome

This disease sounds fancy, but this is something that many people suffer from. The symptoms of this condition include hallucinations, disorientation, dysmetropsia, or size distortion. Generally, it is commonly noticed inchildhoodbut subsides by the time the person becomes a teenager.


Alien Hand Syndrome

This is an incredibly rare neurological disease. In this condition, there are random hand movements experienced by an individual without knowing what is happening or having any control. They can reach for objects and manipulate them without them knowing about it. Strange!


Argyria Or Blue-Skinned Disease

It is caused by too much exposure to chemical compounds of silver. Large areas of the body are affected by the disease. In this disease, the skin turns blue or bluish-grey.

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