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Weird Things 18-24 Year Old Girls Are Tired Of Hearing

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As we grow up, we hear many things that can make us feel frustrated and angry. These are the common things that get dragged on into any topic and are used to make you realise about certain things.

But what happens when you get annoyed with these words? Well, just NOTHING!

In this article, we are here to share some of the weird and crazy things that girls between the age of 18 and 24 years are just tired of hearing, these are also some of the words that continue to go on throughout our lives.

These words not only annoy you, but also boil your blood, as the person saying this knows the answer and yet he/she ends up in asking the same to you.

So, find out about the most common annoying things and words that girls hear to often while conversing.


“Being A Woman You Are Really Smart”

You mean, seriously! Should a woman take this as a compliment or sarcasm!!


“She Asked For It”

You mean the girl asked you to rape her? Dude, just get a life and stop accusing a woman of making a nasty man!



This is worst of all. No woman likes it when there are catcalls while she is walking on the street. Do that to your puppy and enjoy its excited face than being a fool.


“You Are All Pretty Without Makeup”

One thing a man needs to get in his mind is that a woman wears makeup to please herself and to look good and not to please anyone else around her. So, avoid giving them a lecture about it, please!


“You Would Be So Pretty Only If.....

Incomplete sentences make no sense at all. So, if you're pointing out on the extra weight or something related to her dressing sense, then be upfront and tell her directly. These little comments can annoy us big time, guys.


“You Are Not Like Other Girls”

This is the most common dialogue every girl gets to hear during the beginning of a relationship, but trust me my friend, this dialogue is not at all flattering.


“Why Did You Friend-zone Me?”

Excuse us, we would not be just friends with you or give you wrong hints about being attracted to you. If we are, then we would be upfront about it.


“Calm Down”

This is one dialogue that can spoil a girl's mood completely. One needs to understand that you do have freedom of expression and expressing yourself is not wrong!

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