This Brave Acid Victim Sends Out Her Video CV On Social Sites

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Being an acid victim changes the life completely for them, but what happens when these victims try to lead a normal life and the society does not accept them instantly due to their looks?

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This is the story of an acid victim who is so talented in various things, but due to her look, she was scared to venture out for job interviews and instead chose to create a video CV of hers to send out to employers.

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This Brave Acid Victim Sends Out Her Video CV On Social Sites

Check out her inspirational story that is setting an example for many acid victims to come forward and stand on their own feet and make a mark for themselves.


Who Is She?

She is Sapna, a 23-year-old Delhi girl, who was attacked on the road by 2 bike-borne assailants. They threw acid on her face and body, and later fled from the scene.


She Is A Fighter & Proved The Same At That Moment

She is a fighter and at that very moment, she did not step back when the assailants were throwing acid on her, and instead she chose to give them a chase.


She Saw The Culprit!

She caught hold of the culprit who had thrown acid on her and he was none other than her own cousin who had proposed to her a few weeks back before the attack.


She Had Denied His Proposal...

She was keen on focusing on her career and was not willing to get married to her own cousin and hence had denied his proposal. This triggered the man to attack her.


She Did Not Reveal His Identity Initially

She did not tell her family that it was her own cousin who had made her face this condition. She feared family dispute, but thankfully, she overcame the fear and revealed this to her mother about her monstrous cousin.


What Happened To Him?

As every criminal gets away easily, he was out too after he paid a bribe of 10,000 rs. She is still fighting to get justice, while the culprit is moving around freely.


All This Did Not Dampen Her Spirit

All these things did not dampen her spirit and she is standing tall and telling the world as to how well she is skilled and is looking forward to joining a suitable job.

Check out her inspirational video below...

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Story first published: Thursday, December 15, 2016, 17:40 [IST]
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