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The Strange Story Of The ‘Sleepless Man’

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With the busy schedule these days, man is in a constant race to learn something new or reach new levels of being successful. But, in this process, he does not think about his own health.

Sleeping for 6-8 hours or having meals at the right time take a backseat when a man becomes dedicated to achieving something.

Sometimes, one does not feel sleepy due to being overstressed or even due to over-thinking. But, did you know that these are not the only reasons for a man to not feel sleepy? Well, yes, you read that right!!

Here, in this article, we are about to share a story of a man who could not sleep for 40 long years. This is something that has not happened to anyone before.

Find out about this amazing story of the 'sleepless man' who did not sleep for 40 long years...


He Was…

Paul Kern, who spent 40 years of his life without even going to sleep once, until the time he died! Well, yes it is a fact that this man did not sleep for so many years.


How Did It Happen…

He was working as a government official at the Eastern Front in World War I in 1915. On an unfortunate day, he was shot in the head. The bullet pierced through his cranium and caused serious damage to his frontal lobe.


And Then…

He regained his consciousness after the bullet was removed. It is said that from that point on, until his death in 1955, this man did not sleep a wink! Woah!!


He Became A Research Subject…

Due to his rare condition, he became a subject of several intense tests that were conducted by neuro-specialists throughout Europe, but none were able to trace the actual reason as to why his body no longer needed sleep.


Staying In Bed Made Him Feel More Exhausted…

He reported that the number of hours he spent awake in bed trying to lure sleep in only exhausted him further. Highly Strange!!!


After A Few Hours, He Lay For 2 Hours…

He was lying down for 2 hours with his eyes closed, but he was completely alert and responsive during this time as well and experts say that it was enough for his brain to get that rest.

His case has been one of the most mysterious ones, as the scientists themselves were not able to find an actual cause for his condition.

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