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The Story Of A Legless Footballer

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There have been many things that inspire us in our daily lives. But have you heard about the footless boy who plays football? Yeah, we know this sounds out of box, but then, there is a boy who is living this life in a part of this huge world.

Here in this article, we are about to share the story of the boy who lost his feet in an accident, but recovered to only become a football player who plays football, without feet.

This story is surely inspiring and it helps us understand that even when there are many hurdles in our lives we should not give up and learn from our mistakes to survive and succeed.

Read the story of this young lad who lost his feet and yet played football with his disability... Check it out and get inspired...


What Happened To Him?

He was a small kid and was tortured by his step mom. All he knew was that he had to live life on his own terms. So, he ran away from home one day...


He Ran Away To Just Come Under The Train!

Poor kid ran away and knew no place to go to. He hopped trains and then tragedy struck when he lost both his feet (a part of his lower legs) in a train accident.


His Family Does Not Know His Whereabouts...

Since he ran away from his family, his family members did not bother to find out about his whereabouts. He was left to live on streets and is still continuing to do so.


He Does Odd Jobs...

For his living, he's been doing the job of lifting luggages of people and doing pity odd jobs for the sake of earning money to sustain.


His Passion For Football

Though he lost both his legs, he has been very passionate about playing football. He never let his disability take charge of his life.


His Dream...

He plays football so well that he wishes to become a famous player like Ronaldo some day. Wow, hats off to his undying spirit.


Never Give Up...

After knowing about his struggle and his goals, we must say this boy has left us with a lot of deep thought on life. This inspirational story of the legless footballer only goes to show how nothing can stop us from achieving our dreams if we put our heart and soul to it.

Here's a little prayer from all our hearts at Boldsky that this young lad reaches great heights in whatever he aspires to take in his life.

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Story first published: Thursday, September 29, 2016, 20:02 [IST]
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