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She Was Drunk And Took A Cab... What Happened Next?

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This is a true story that changed the life of a cab driver...

We all have been upset at some point thinking about how things don't work in our favour or how we lag behind in fulfilling our dreams. We think that we are the only ones who are burdened with all the bad luck in this world... But, is it true?

Have we ever taken out time to see the beautiful things around us? Do we even care about the feelings of others, or is it only about us all the time?

Think over and just look around.. The reality can hit you hard, as you have been living in a self-obsessed nutshell.

Here, in this article, we are about to share the story of a drunk girl and a cab driver who picked up that girl late at night. With the recent rape range that is constantly trending, the first thought one would get about the girl is... WAS SHE SAFE??

Find out what happened to the drunk girl and the cab driver, below, read on...


Scene #1

The taxi driver arrived at the famous pub in the town to pick the girl, as she had made a booking. She was in a bad state and could hardly stand straight.


Scene #2

Since the girl was all sloshed, the driver was all set to see some puke inside the car... But, he was lucky she did not throw up.


Scene #3

She apologized the driver for being over-drunk and asked him if he could drive around a bit. She pulled down the window and smiled as the cold breeze blew her hair and she enjoyed the feel, while the concerned driver kept checking on her if she was fine.


Scene #4

She asked the driver if he was scared of death. This made the driver think that she is REALLY drunk... He said, "yes, we all are scared of death".


Scene #5

With a poker face she told him that she had cancer. The driver skipped his heartbeat for a moment and he stopped the car to look at this young girl who said that she was going to die. But, he had to continue driving.


Scene #6

She said that she was celebrating her going-away party that her colleagues had thrown. She had apparently told them that she is quitting the job, as she has got a better offer abroad.


Scene #7

Little did her friends and colleagues know what her abroad plans meant? She said she was all set to have a peaceful end. The driver stopped the car at her place.


Scene #8

She waved to him with a smile on her face and told him to live his life to the fullest. He saw her get in and he pulled the car to a corner and he cried his heart out. Hence, the girl partied her best for one last time...

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Story first published: Thursday, September 1, 2016, 15:34 [IST]
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