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Most Dangerous Countries Women Should Not Live In

Every now and then there are protests about women's equality, but no matter how progressive a country becomes, there are women still out there who are fighting for their rights in that country.

Here in this article, we are about to share the list of countries that are just not safe for women. These are the most dangerous countries for women and follow some of the most disturbing and inhuman practices when it comes to treating women.

Find out about these list of countries that ill treat women and where women are really unsafe to even step out of their houses.

We bet you would be knowing a few of these countries while there are a few countries that are new to the list as the crime rate has increased.

Check the most unsafe countries for women in this world...



This is one of the most dangerous countries for any woman to live in. Here the women are not only ill treated, but they are also not allowed to study or learn new things which makes them highly dependent on men. They have to depend on men for support and women are treated as slaves and nothing else.


The Democratic Republic Of Congo

According to the report that was submitted by the American Journal of Public Health, a minimum of 1,150 women face sexual harassment every single day in Congo, which makes it one of the most dangerous countries for women to live in.



Be it gang rape, child marriage or even human trafficking, it's all taking a toll every single day in India which is rapidly making this country one of the most dangerous countries in the world. Apart from all this, over 50 million cases of female infanticide have been reported over the last 30 years.



This is a country that does not have any proper law and over 95 % of the female population is said to have undergone genital mutation at the age of 4-11 years and it is a common practice. Apart from this there are sexual abuses, child marriages and even high maternal mortality rates, which have made the country unsafe for women.



According to a report, this country has the highest number of gender-based violence cases in the world. Domestic violence and acid attacks are a common site in the country. The most disturbing part is that the attackers are not punished after their heinous crimes.



The judicial system of Egypt does not protect the rights of women. Not only this, the women are deprived of their rights to marriage, divorce, child custody or any simple thing.



The legal system of Mexico does not protect women against domestic and sexual abuse. There are very few women who come out and report sexual abuse. But as expected it falls on deaf ears and women do not get justice.

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