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Famous Historic People Who Had Horrifying Diseases

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Sometimes, we are under the impression that people who are rich do not suffer from diseases at all. Even if they do, they can always afford to get treated for it.

However, we are so wrong in our thinking when it comes to this! One should remember that diseases or death does not choose the kind of people, whether rich or poor!

In this article, we bring to you information on some of the famous historic people who had suffered from life-threatening diseases. Read on to know more about these historic people who succumbed to their deadly diseases.

Some of them suffered from a disease since their birth, whereas others got infected by a particular disease over a period of time.

Read on to know more about these interesting stories about the historic people who had suffered from serious diseases.



Beethoven was a legendary composer who wrote some of the best music in history. But the irony is that he was born with Syphilis! He was affected by a buzzing noise in his ears that eventually made him deaf at the age of 30 years.


Charles Darwin

He developed a bizarre condition that haunted him for the rest of his life. He would get extreme abdominal pain, which was usually followed by hideous nausea. During his time, everybody failed to analyse what was the cause for this illness. But, modern doctors say that it can be a case of cyclical vomiting syndrome (CVS).


Julius Caesar

He had epilepsy and suffered from multiple strokes. The technical name for this condition is known as "transient ischaemic attack".


Edgar Allan Poe

He was a famous poet who died due to rabies. His death was a mystery when he suddenly vanished from his house and after a week was found in a gutter wearing somebody else's clothes. He suffered for 4 days before he finally succumbed to his illness.


Vladimir Lenin

He was the most infamous revolutionary communist, politician and a political theorist. When he fell ill, doctors suspected mental exhaustion; however, after his death and during an autopsy, doctors were stunned to find out that Lenin's brain had been slowly turning into a stone! In medical terms, it was known as cerebrovascular atherosclerosis.


King Herod

He was the king who was mainly remembered for ordering the slaughter of the innocents in an attempt to kill baby Jesus. He suffered from many ailments, and the worse disease he suffered from was "Fournier's Gangrene", in which his manly parts started decaying while it was still attached to his body!

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