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Simple Ideas To Make Rakhi For Your Brother

Raksha Bandhan is a festival that celebrates the bond of love between brothers and sisters. The metaphorical bond is literally symbolised by a thread that we call the Rakhi. Although, Rakhi was originally envisaged as a rolled up thread, it is now a designer band. There are different types of Rakhis with varied motifs. Typically, a Rakhi comprises of a thread with a designer motif stuck at the centre.

Many different type of Rakhis are available in the market but there is nothing more special than a handmade Rakhi. If you really want to make your brother feel special, you can use some ideas to make Rakhi yourself. These ideas to make Rakhi are simple enough for you to try at home. No matter how simple your handmade Rakhi is, it will not fail to bring a smile to your brother's face.

You may be buying Rakhis from the numerous stalls every year. This year, make a special attempt by using these DIY ideas to make Rakhi. They are simple and very quick. You need to do about half an hour of shopping and spend 20 minutes of crafts time to prepare a special handmade Rakhi for Raksha Bandhan.

Here are some great ideas to make Rakhi all by yourself.


Beaded Rakhi

Friendship Day has just past; you surely have all the colourful beads from the numerous Friendship bands. String the different beads together in a red thread and you get the trendy beaded Rakhi.


Jhalar Rakhi

The base of this Rakhi is made of resham thread strung together in a circular shape. On top of that you have plastic betel leaf motif. The thread has been rolled from three different colours.


Om Rakhi

Rakhi motifs are usually traditional and religious. The sacred letter 'Om' has a lot of significance in Hinduism. And it will be fairly easy to find a disc with an 'Om' motif. Place it on a shiny thread to make it look bright.


Jewel Rakhi

This bejewelled Rakhi is actually very simple to make. Most of us have junk jewellery at home. Take a large pendant from your old junk jewellery, stick golden lace around it and sting it into a red and gold thread.


Peacock Rakhi

The majestic bird peacock has long been the motif of jewellery and Rakhis alike. You can easily find a designer peacock for your Rakhi at any craft shop. Stick it on a royal blue thread to maintain the theme.


Rudraksh Rakhi

The rudraksh is a revered as the 'tears of Lord Shiva' in Hinduism and it also has numerous health benefits. Stringing a single rudraksh into the traditional red mauli will give you a very 'Indian' Rakhi.


Lumba Rakhi

When you are doing so much for your brother, how can your leave your Bhabhi. Select your favourite jhumka, break the bell from it and tie it up with a mauli to get a lumba Rakhi.


Swastika Rakhi

Swastika is a Hindu symbol that stands for peace and prosperity. You can either buy a sticker of a Swastika or it is easy enough to draw by hand. A Swastika must always be in red.


Dual String Rakhi

These days, it is fashionable to wear Rakhis with two strings instead of one thick one. The colours chosen for the strings are usually red and yellow. Just make sure that the two strings do not get knotted up.


Tricolour Rakhi

You must have seen the tiny soft and puffy balls that are available in market. Choose any three colours and string the soft balls together in a thick thread. You get the tricolour Rakhi.


Angry Bird Rakhi

Your brother is most probably an Angry Birds fan. You can use the cartoon from this popular mobile game on your Rakhi to surprise your bro! He will definitely find it funny.


Dangling Rakhi

Most guys like to have macho key chains. Get a piece from your brother's old key chain and string it as dangling piece with your Rakhi. It will make your brother nostalgic.


Mauli Rakhi

Tying a mauli on your brother's wrist is the traditional way to celebrate Raksha Bandhan. If you are really out of time, you can add tiny embellishments like sparkles and glittering stickers to the red mauli threads.


Pearl Rakhi

Most girls have strings of cheap artificial pearls that breaks easily. Pick a few pearls from your old jewellery and string it into a pretty Mother of Pearl Rakhi.


Wooden Motif Rakhi

These wooden blocks with a letter in the centre can be taken from key chains, showpieces or be made to order. Then all you have to do is tie to threads at either end of the decorative design.

Story first published: Tuesday, August 20, 2013, 12:04 [IST]
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