Rihanna Pregnant With Chris Brown's Child?

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Looks like this is a baby boom year for celebrities. First we had Shakira's baby boy. Then Kate Middleton's royal baby is expected in July. And we have the big momma Kim Kardashian who is swelling with a pregnant glow. Halle Berry has also announced recently that she is expecting her second child. In the Latin world, Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem are having there second child together.

But the latest celebrity who is suspected of being pregnant is none other than Rihanna! Can you imagine the 23 year old Rihanna being pregnant. We are more used to seeing Rihanna smoke pot or post outrageous photos on Twitter. However, the rumour-vine is abuzz with talk that the 'Unfaithful' singer is expecting a baby.


After Chris Brown and Rihanna got cosy at the Grammy's 2013, we assumed that things between them are fine again. But has the friendly relations between Rihanna and Chris Brown resulted in a baby? A baby would surely be a great way to commemorate their reunion after the case of domestic violence!

The rumours started flying around when Rihanna cancelled a whole set of her appointments for the Diamonds tour. The Diamonds tour is Rihanna's dream project and people started asking questions. The singer relied vaguely that she was suffering from a larynx infection. However, the actual details of her strange illness remains hidden. Besides, Rihanna has been visiting a number of doctors in LA. She spoke to the press yesterday and said that she was feeling much better. But that hasn't done anything to stop the rumour mill.

If rumours are to be believed then Rihanna is pregnant with Chris Brown's child. This is the same Chris Brown who bashed her up a few years back! But she has said a number of times that Brown is the love of her life and that can hardly change. A few months back, Rihanna told the Elle magazine that she wanted to have child. She also said that she felt like an 'adult' now and could handle a pregnancy in the right way.

The news of Rihanna's pregnancy has been rubbished by her spokesperson who continue to insist that she is just under the weather.

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