Miley Cyrus Reappears With Blue Hair!

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Ever since Grammys 2013, Miley Cyrus was missing! We don't mean literally missing but 'missing' from the social scene. We all know that Miley Cyrus tweets every few seconds. I mean she is a Twitter addict! But Miley Cyrus did not tweet anything since last Friday and that was before Liam Hemsworth was seen with January Jones!

We were all wondering, whether the impending breakup with beau Liam Hemsworth had made Miley Cyrus recluse. But thankfully, out cute little Hannah Montana star has found a way to beat her breakup. Miley Cyrus has coloured her hair blue and we saw a glimpse of it from these recently tweeted pictures.

Miley Cyrus

Image Courtesy: Twitter

As you can see in these pictures, Miley Cyrus' hair looks distinctly blue; may be steel blue when we compare it to her white streaks. This picture also shows Miley Cyrus' hair till the Grammy's 2013 and also shows her in happier times with beau Liam Hemsworth. But the cute popstar thinks her new hair colour is not blue. In fact Miley Cyrus has tweeted, 'Its not blue, its platinum'.

No matter what you say Miley Cyrus, your hair does look blue. May be the 'blues' from your mood are just getting reflected from your hair. But if the blue hair lift's Miley Cyrus' mood and she keeps tweeting then we are more than happy. While we where making speculations about Miley Cyrus' breakup with Liam Hemsworth, there are no confirmed reports of the same. In fact, Miley is still sporting her massive engagement ring along with awesome flat abs.

So even if Liam Hemsworth and January Jones were seen together, it does not mean that our girl Miley is calling it a day with her fiance. May be the small hiatus from the social media has given the young star some time to rethink her relationship status. So even if Miley Cyrus is having breakup any time soon, we see no tell-tale signs till now.

As of now, the big news is that Miley Cyrus's blue tinted hair looks absolutely fab. We never did like those white streaks. They made the young Miley look aged. But now, the blue hair gives Miley Cyrus a youthful charm. Hope the blues do you good Miley!

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Story first published: Tuesday, March 5, 2013, 10:54 [IST]
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