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Kate Middleton Breaking Too Many Rules?

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Kate Middleton was one of the first commoners to be married into the royal family. By saying 'commoner' we mean no offence to the graceful Princess. It just means that she was not Lady Kate Middleton when she married Prince William. She was a young girl without any titles. The wedding of Kate and William itself was a break with tradition. The Queen had passed a law after her ascendency to the throne that a royal heir could marry anyone he/she pleased.

However, it is rather unheard of for a heir to the British throne to marry outside the nobility. Ever since Kate Middleton was married into the British royal family, she has changed the rules in her own graceful manner. Now that Kate Middleton's baby is about to come, she is bending more than few royal traditions.

Kate Middleton Breaking Rules
  • Firstly, Kate Middleton rejected home birth which is a royal tradition. But that wasn't sensational because Princess Diana did the same.
  • But now, Kate has actually refused to deliver the baby in St. Mary's Hospital where her mother-in-law gave birth. Kate Middleton's baby will be born at the Royal Berkshire Hospital which is pretty far from the Buckingham Palace but very close to the Middleton home.
  • Apart from that, Kate Middleton's baby will also not be wearing royal hand-me-downs. It is traditional for the royal baby to be dressed in hand-me-down clothes that have been passed down since generations. But Kate and William are already done shopping for their new baby!
  • Kate Middleton and Prince William seem to agree upon the fact that they do not want an army of nannies for their baby. It is traditional for the royal baby to have a whole squad of nannies at all times. But Kate Middleton has actually refused to hire a full-time nanny. This is because she wants her baby to have a 'normal' upbringing. The baby will be with nannies only when the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are busy with their stately duties.
  • There was also some news of Kate Middleton having a private baby shower. We have no official confirmation of whether or not Kate had a baby shower with friends and family. However, it is against royal tradition to have a baby shower.

It takes guts and a strong personality to bring about changes in age old traditions. And Kate Middleton is obviously a Duchess with a lot of gumption.

Story first published: Thursday, May 9, 2013, 10:28 [IST]
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