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5 Romantic Countries: Your V Day Getaway!

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Wake up people, V Day is on its way! Just so that you are not too late in making your plans we are here to give you the list of the most romantic countries to visit this year. Valentine's day is the perfect time to take a vacation with your beloved. Leave all your misunderstandings and bitterness behind and go to the perfect Valentine getaways. When you are planning a to visit an entire country, then you better start planning now.

To help you plan the this V day well in advance, here is a list of the most romantic countries in the world.

5 Most Romantic Countries In The World:

1. France: No competition for the first spot because it is the country that houses the 'city of love'. We are talking about Paris of course. France is also on this list for great Valentine getaways because it has a lot to offer other than the Eiffel and the Shane river. It is actually the home of so many ex patriot poets and artists that love flows through its veins like blood. Art, culture and a language the sound of which is undeniably romantic. Other than Paris, Nice is another romantic destination in France you must not miss. The southern island of France are known to be picturesque and none other than Johnny Depp fell for it.

2. Netherlands: Amsterdam does not fall far behind when it comes to talking about places of love. First of all, Amsterdam is known for celebrating 'freedom' of love with surprising permissibility. The laws on public display of affection and various kinds of lovely intoxication are lax. So while you are away from the Big Brother's eyes what better to do that 'love'.

3. Scandinavia: Ya Ya, its not a country, but is all the countries in the Scandinavian balcony are so beautiful that is is difficult to single out one. Be it Lofoten mountains in Norway or the literally 'blue' lagoon in Iceland, there is no scarcity of Valentine getaways in these romantic countries. Light plays mysterious tricks on you and your pocket here because it be surely be an expensive V Day plan.

4. Italy: The Romans did not build Rome in one day and we are still seeing the results of their lovely creations. Apart from the capital city, there is the quite charm of Milanese museums and the romantic gondolas in Venice. You will obviously lean kiss on the Leaning Tower of Pisa on V Day.

5. Greece: The Greek civilisation did not spring up from the earth suddenly without love. Greece is supposed to be one the most romantic destinations in the world because of its scenic and architectural wonders. The river valley of Paxi or the mountain city of Sartorni along with Greek delicacies it surely worthy of your love.

These are the most romantic counties in the world for a V Day vacation.

Story first published: Wednesday, February 1, 2012, 12:28 [IST]
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