6 Best Celebrity Honeymoon Destinations!

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Honey destinations can be almost anything these days because it depends on our taste. To some Paris is is the most romantic place in the world and to others a noisy city. But what about our stars; what do the find romantic? Celebrity honeymoon spots are widely tracked and speculated about, that is probably why they try so hard to keep it secret.

But the secret is out. Here are the most romantic honeymoon destinations the temptation of which even the stars could not resist.

Honeymoon Destinations Where Celebrities Go:

1. Seychelles, Prince William & Kate Middleton: The royal couple had actually sparked off quite a controversy surrounding their honeymoon. They were considering various top honeymoon spots like The Lizard Island in Australia or some place for scuba diving in the Pacific. But finally it was Seychelles island in the Indian Ocean to host the royal honeymoon. It is actually a place where Kate spend a part of her childhood and that probably tipped the balance in favour of this not so popular destination.

2. South Africa, Chelsea Clinton & Marc Mezvinsky: A wedding that features in the list of the most expensive weddings ever and the honeymoon in wilderness! Yes, according to the first daughter of USA and her beau a safari in South Africa was the most romantic place in the world.

3. India, Katty Perry & Russell Brand: India, the land of love or rather the land that celebrates celebrity love now. Due to India's association with The Taj Mahal, this famous couple married in Indian style in Northern India. Then they stuck around sometime en route to Maldives.

4. Paris, Reese Witherspoon & Jim Toth: Whats better than the city of love itself for a honeymoon? But this celebrity honeymoon was not so easy for Reese and Jim. They got married in march of 2011 but there was an unexpected delay in their honeymoon plans as Reese has prior commitments to promote her movie. They finally got going on month later but it was for a family vacation with Reese's two children to Belize. At last, they has their dream honeymoon in Paris.

5. Santironi, Greece, Julia Roberts & Daniel Moder: It is listed as the one of the most romantic cities in the world so it was no surprise when 'pretty woman' Julia Roberts and her cinematographer husband Daniel Moder married in 2002 and honeymooned in this beautiful town in Greece.

6. Arizona Dessert, Beyonce & Jay-Z: They may not be together anymore but their weird choice of a honeymoon destination was widely discussed in the media. The musical marriage of this musical couple began in a rather 'deserted' place. We mean the place was literally a desert! This couple honeymooned in a super luxury resort in the middle of the Arizona dessert in the US.

These were the bittersweet but really original ideas for celebrity honeymoon destinations of famous personalities.

Story first published: Thursday, February 2, 2012, 17:03 [IST]
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