Countries Where Fuel Is 'Cheap'

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As the fuel prices hike every couple of months, we drive lesser and lesser in our beloved vehicles. Car pooling, taking the public transport or just walking to workplace are some of the steps that we can take to avoid getting hit by the rise in petrol and diesel prices. But the cascading effect of a fuel price hike finally hits us in the form of inflation of commodity prices.

If you do not want your car to become a relic, you have either be kissed by Lady Luck or move to a country where fuel is cheap. Here are some of the countries in the world where fuel is cheap compared to India.

Cheap Fuel

1. Venezuela: This tiny Latin American country has given the world much more than beauty queens. We hear the name of Venezuela mostly in relation to the Miss Universe beauty pageant where the Miss Venezuelans are hot favourites. Did you know that the cheapest fuel in the world can be brought in Venezuela?

Price: 8p per litre

2. Egypt: From the land of Pharaohs and pyramids comes a surprise! The second best place for buying fuel in the world is Egypt. Egypt is a dessert country and is one of most visited places in Africa. It does not come under the liaison of 'Gulf Countries' but it is rich in petroleum reserves.

Price: 9p per litre

3. Saudi Arabia: No surprises there because we all know that Saudi Arabia is one of richest countries in the world. They are literally swimming in oil money. A paradise has been created out of dessert after petroleum reserves were discovered here. If you supply oil to the whole world, then you can surely keep the fuel prices in your own country down.

Price: 10p per litre.

4. Qatar: This tiny nation is one of the richest countries in the Gulf. The entire country is so small that you actually ride around the country in a bicycle! But when fuel is so cheap, why would you need a bicycle to ride around?

Price: 12p per litre

Bahrain: The Middle-East is rich in petroleum reserves and supplies oil to the whole world. That is why even tiny Gulf countries like Bahrain and Qatar are filled with affluence coming from oil. When a government earns so much from crude oil exports, fuel prices can be highly subsidised for the native population.

Price: 15p per litre

These are some of the countries in the world where fuel is really cheap. So are you considering an immigration to these countries?

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