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Celeb Plastic Surgeries That Went Bad

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There is nothing worse in the world than a plastic surgery going bad. Imagine how it defeats the purpose totally. You pay loads of money to make yourself look better but you end up looking grotesque. So, you end up paying to look uglier than you were! This ironic situation gains more visibility when it comes to plastic surgery of celebrities. Whether an actress gets a nose job or a bikini model gets a boob job; it is usually a front page news.

Here are some of the celeb who got a bad deal with plastic surgeries.

Bad Plastic Surgery

Top 5 Bad Plastic Surgeries Of Celebrities:

1. Rakhi Sawant: Opps, it is hard to decide which was worse, the Rakhi Sawant after the plastic surgery or the one before it! The queen of item numbers does not believe in any half measures. So, she is one of the few celebrities to get a plastic surgery of the whole face. She actually looks unrecognisable. The silicon implants she got earlier were ugly but much more bearable than this one.

2. Pamela Anderson: The adolescent fantasy of every 16+ guy, Pam makes no secrets of her breast enhancement surgeries. But when she finally went to size 40, her back couldn't bear the weight of her silicon implants anymore. She was one of the rare celebrities to do a plastic surgery to remove silicon implants.

3. Koena Mitra: She looked good enough; why did she ever go for the bad plastic surgery? We do not know if its the terrible nose job or shoddy lip job, but Koena Mitra's face is nothing more than a nightmare now.

4. Shilpa Shetty: This lady has some guts. She carried around a horrible nose job for quite some time before she went for another plastic surgery to fix it. If you see her horribly blotched nose in the early 90's you will not be able to relate it to the present hottie!

5. Micheal Jackson: He was not only the king of pop music but also the king of bad plastic surgeries. We do not even remember how smart be looked in the 70's and early 80's until he decided he was better off as a white boy! He has a record number of 20 cosmetic surgeries on just his nose. But in his own words, 'doesn't matter whether it is black or white...'

We only wish that these unfortunate celebrities find themselves more reliable plastic surgeons in this life or the next.

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Story first published: Thursday, May 3, 2012, 15:43 [IST]
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