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Exotic Destinations NOT For A Holiday!

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Living In Nature
Exotic destinations are not always for holidaying. What is stopping these exotic destinations from becoming your home? Work and lifestyle are the two main culprits preventing you from living in nature. However, what would you do if your work is taken care of? Would then actually make that career shift? If your answer is 'yes' then the good news for you is that now you can choose to do what you have always wanted to do; live in the natural surroundings of your choice that is far away from maddening crowds of the city.

Why Move Out To Exotic Destinations?

  • With the rising trend of 'work from home' coming into almost all industries, why shouldn't you. The reasons for this career move could be anything depending on the individual but we can give you some basic and very pressing reasons.
  • To avoid the demon of traffic jams that chews up your time and spits nothing but irritation.
  • Space constraints in most cities that are expanding and you have to live father and father away from your work place when you could be living in nature and working as well.
  • Financial constraints that are forcing you to live in a match box of an apartment if its downtown when you could afford a spacious villa in the country side. 
  • You can actually escape the rat-race and find your peace by living in natural surroundings.

Lead By Example
Many successful professionals could serve as your guiding stars in making this move from the terrible rut of the city.

  • In spite of earning immeasurable fame, celebrated writer Ruskin Bond to this day lives in his safe haven in hill station of Mussoorie. The city, he says, steals his creativity.
  • A decade back, fashion designer Wendell Rodricks who was at the top of his trade moved out of Mumbai to the Goa, closer to nature. Since then, his career has reached new heights. 
  • A few years back, Hollywood super star Jonny Depp, moved to a remote exotic destination in Southern France. He took a sabbatical from work to settle down there with his family and need way say how living in natural surroundings has helped him!

The Flip Side:
Every place will have have its own unique disadvantages but smaller towns and remote destinations in general have some inconveniences.

  • You cannot expect all the comforts of the cities like 24 hours electricity and water here.
  • You have the 'high culture' life like haute coture clothes and restaurants at exotic destinations.
  • You will be living away from friends and family without a proper social life in natural surroundings. This problem can be solved to a certain extent if your near and dear ones visit you for vacations. 

It is not an exile or retirement to live in nature. What you really have to do is make a conscious choice and then everything becomes effortless.

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Story first published: Tuesday, August 2, 2011, 12:12 [IST]
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