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Top 5 Best Christmas Snow Games!

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Christmas Games
The best Christmas games are those that keep the noisy group of kids occupied. Christmas is a time when all the cousins come together and when they are together, God save you. Christmas games for kids are a part of the whole tradition of Christmas that makes families come together and kids get company to play. Some of these most famous games are played in the snow outside because that is the special feature of the season.

Here are best Christmas games that can be played this season to make the best of it.

Top 5 Best Christmas Games:

1. Snowman: This is probably the most common winter outdoor game to be played ever. It has been played for the last god know how many years even before kids had any proper toys to play with. You could get together with your family and build a snowman that looks the best and brightest in the neighbourhood. All you have to do is make two huge balls of snow, the bottom one proportionately larger., stick in two round objects for eyes and a cone for nose. The mouth can be done with a variety of objects. Put a muffler around its neck and let it stay till New year. The snowman can also be your Santa!

2. Snow Castle: Just like kids build sand castles on beaches building snow castles is a great Christmas game. Siblings and cousins usually compete with each other for making the largest and grandest castles. They need nothing but imagination to play this game so it is totally investment free. A pair thick leather gloves is all you will need to buy.

3. Snow Balls: One of best Christmas games for both adults and kids. Aggressive and active to get your adrenaline pumping in the gray weather. Nobody can claim that they have not enjoyed throwing snow balls at others and being hit by them. In most places in the world it doesn't snow all year so this game makes the most of playing in snow.

4. Sledding: A little technical and yet the best game to be played in snow. Just like Santa Claus comes to visit us in a sledge pulled by reindeers it has been tradition to go sledging yourself too. The prerequisites are that you need a sledge and at least 4 inches of thick snow. The sledge can either be brought from stores or it can be your winter craft project too.

5. Snow Painting: It is one of the strangest things that snow looks beautiful when painted. Although it is very temporary and melts away in hours, snow painting is on this list of top Christmas games for kids and adults because of its visual appeal and popularity. Water colors or poster colors is all you need to spread out a icy picture.

These were the best Christmas games for the season that can be played outdoors by the entire family.

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Story first published: Tuesday, December 20, 2011, 13:26 [IST]
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