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Why Is Tibetan Mastiff The Most Expensive Dog?

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You would think that the costliest dog in the world would be a really exotic one. But it is actually an oriental breed very near home. Tibetan mastiffs apart from being huge, friendly and furry dogs are also the single most expensive dogs in the world. These dogs have become a rage in China and why is that? Feng Shui it is. Breeders are going gaga over the Tibetan mastiff lately as its popularity increases astronomically. It has actually dethroned the king of shepherd, the German Shepherd as the most expensive dog breed in the world. Dog breeders believe that this single sub breed of Mastiff is more profitable to breed than any other dog, even the traditionally in demand Alsations of good pedigree.

Origin Of Tibetan Mastiffs:

These furry beasts hail from the mountain country of Tibet. That explains all that crazy hair! They have some much hair around their face that you actually cannot identify the salient features of a mastiff like the typically flat nose and the drooping mouth. They were supposed to be the guardians of the land of Tibet to protect it from invaders. The physical strength of this dog is enormous so their traditional role as guard dogs that accompanied the monks is not out of place.

Why Are Tibetan Mastiffs The Most expensive Dogs In The World?

Very pertinent question considering they are not very difficult dogs to breed. It is actually nothing but a wild variety of mountain dog. They are naturally habituated to higher altitudes but adapt well to the lowlands as well. Now the Chinese (who are not exactly in good terms with Tibet) believe that the Tibetan Mastiff, especially the red Tibetan Mastiff is very positive 'dog energy" for the house. They are supposed to bring wealth and prosperity to the masters. Higher and upper middle class families in China keep these dogs almost as a ritual. Everybody has them and everybody wants them. Some people actually have as many as 20 Tibetan red mastiffs in their house!

What Is The Price Of A Tibetan Mastiff

It is not based on speculation that we are calling this breed of dogs as the most expensive dog in the world. It could cost you anything above ten thousand dollars for a well bred mastiff pup of this breed. When it comes to fully grown adult dogs then the figure is almost astronomical. One of the most expensive dog deals happened in March this year involving the sale of this breed in China. One of North China"s coal barons, vaguely referred to as Mr Yang brought a full 945,000 pounds! This fully grown breast was brick red in colour and weighed about 10 stones, that is as much as beefed up gym trainer!

So man"s best friend comes at a price and that price is not a meagre one by any standards.

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Story first published: Saturday, September 24, 2011, 12:25 [IST]
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